Welcome to the alternative

An attempt at a cleaner search experience targeted at the Muslim World.


Everyone deserves a search experience without nasty results.

We don’t believe the Internet should be portal to hate, violence and porn, so we decided to clean it up.


No one should worry about there children coming across explicit search results

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Our Mission

The idea is simple, a clean internet for everyone. We wanted to create a search experience without the nasty results, that's how it used to be and actually that’s how it should be.


The biggest search engines have the power to remove hate, violence and pornography that is made accessble from a single click but they choose not to..


Our History

A brief history of our search engine and where we are today

January 2009 - The Idea 

1.3 Billion Muslims and no search engine to cater for them

August 2010 - Launched!

Within the year our search engine was announced to the world. 

December 2010 - Visitors

Wow, close to 50 000 searches a day and growing interest from the Middle East 


February 2011 - Growth in the Muslim World

Our search engine was getting popular in the Muslim World

July 2015 - Investment

Extremely excited to receive private investment from the Middle East

November 2015 - Recreate

Part of search technology was acquired

To say it can’t be done is a lie, we did it and made it possible to put information back into your control.

What’s next?

We will never give up the idea on a cleaner search experience, the world cannot be owned by only 1 search engine who keeps your data and profits of your personal search queries

Our idea has evolved from a niche search engine to a new search experience that we hope to present to the world again...

Featured in..

We launched, we got popular and we traveled around the internet


Talk to us :)

If you are bored or just interested to know more, send us a message and we will respond when we have the time